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ABC (Always Be Closing)
One of Blue Nerds favorite lines from one of our favorite movies, Glengarry Glen Ross. What does it have to do with online marketing, you ask? Everything. It’s what your website and your presence everywhere online should be doing for you. If it’s not, watch Glengarry and then call us!

The part of the page you can see without scrolling down. The exact amount of space will vary based on screen settings. You usually pay a premium for advertisement placements above the fold, but may add to results.

Added information that is included in your text ad. These can include extra features about your business, such as your location, phone number, links to certain product or services pages, and more.

Bing Ads powers paid search results on Microsoft’s Bing, Yahoo! and other sites within its network. Bing Ads was formally known as Microsoft adCenter.

A group of websites where one advertiser controls all or a portion of the ads for all sites. A common example is the Google Search Network. In Google AdWords, they offer two types of ad networks on the internet: search and display.

AdWords is Google’s paid search marketing program, the largest of its kind in the world. Started in 2001, AdWords was the first pay per click provider offering the concept of Quality Score, factoring search relevancy with bid to determine ad position.

The term search engines use for the formula they use to determine the rankings of your Organic Listings. Search engines will frequently send a Spider through your website to view all its information. Their programs analyze this and other data to value your site and determine how high or low pages on your site will appear on various searches. These algorithms are very complicated and search engines closely guard their algorithms as trade secrets, kinda like the Coke recipe!

HTML tags used to describe website graphics by displaying a block of text when moused-over. Search engines generally can’t view graphics or understand text that might be contained within them. The use of an ALT tag enables search engines to categorize that graphic.

Also known as Web Metrics. Analytics is the collection of data about a website and its users. Analytics platforms give performance data on clicks, time, pages viewed, website paths, and a lot of other information. The right use of Web analytics allows website owners to improve their visitor experience.

This statistic describes what position your ad typically appears in on the search results page.

Links from other websites pointing to any particular page on your site. Search engines use backlinks to judge a site’s credibility; if a site links to you, it is in effect vouching for your authority on a particular subject. Link Building is a vital part of Search Engine Optimization. The number of links, the quality of the sites linking to you, and how they link to you all are important factors. Also called Inbound Links.

Picture advertisements placed on websites. Banner advertising is a common part of internet marketing campaigns. Banner ads come in many sizes, and are also called buttons, inlines, leaderboards, skyscrapers, and other terms. Banner ads can be static pictures, animated, or interactive.

What you’ll think of Blue Nerds once you hire us to help you dominate your market online!

Bing is Microsoft’s search engine. Bing results now power Yahoo!’s search for paid (except display; through Microsoft adCenter) and organic (except local listings) through a partnership between the two.

The opposite of White Hat SEO, these Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, tactics are ways of tricking the Search Engines to get better rankings for a website. Using black hat methods will get your site drastically lower rankings or banned from the search engines altogether.

Short for Web log, blogs are part journal, part website. Typically the newest entry (blog post) appears at the top of the page with older entries coming after in reverse chronological order. Blogs are excellent ways to keep content on your website fresh and that’s good for both human visitors and the search engines.

BLUE (collar)
Home service contractors. Carpet cleaners, house cleaners, restoration pros, plumbers, electricians. You know, people who work for a living!

The percentage of people who visit your website but leave without visiting any other page.

Used in Pay-per-Click. With this bid type your ad may show if a search term contains your keywords in any way. Your ads may show for synonyms of your keywords, related searches, and other relevant variations or phrases. This match type is best when trying to reach the largest possible audience with your keywords.

Recently voted the least popular Halloween candy. We don’t agree. It has to be those Necco wafers. They’re like Smarties, but bigger, not as sweet, and more chalky. So yeah. These took the top spot on our list.

# of clicks divided by # of impressions. Click through rate is a common internet marketing measurement tool for ad effectiveness. This rate tells you how many times people are actually clicking on your ad out of the number of times your ad is shown.

Content Management Systems (CMS) allow website owners to make text and picture changes to their websites without specialized programming skills. Content Management Systems can be edited by anyone with basic word knowledge via an internet connection. Popular CMS examples include WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

Content marketing is an inbound marketing practice that looks to generate leads and traffic through the creation of content that speaks to the needs of a defined audience of customers. Because of a major update by Google (called Penguin, back in 2012), content marketing became critical to making your web pages found.

Every major search engine provides a form of a content network within its paid search interface, usually called content networks (Google’s is called Google Display Network).

A feature offered by major search engine advertisers allowing your advertisement to be put next to related news articles and on other Web pages.

This statistic tells you what percentage of people is converting (really!). The definition of a “conversion” depends upon your goals and measurements. In Blue Nerds’ world, it usually means a phone call to you, or a sign up for an estimate.

Depending on what your site deems as a conversion, there are steps that can always be taken to improve it. This usually means changing certain aspects centered around the conversion. For example, if you offer a free estimate, you may change the orientation of certain elements or their physical appearance like the color of the “Call for a free estimate” button. You may also remove steps to make it easier to click-to-call you.

We prefer chocolate chip at Blue Nerds! But in digital marketing, think of cookies like James Bond’s magnetic car tracker. When you visit a website, Bond sticks a cookie on your browser to follow you around. Bond can then watch where you’re going and where you’ve been. A little creepy for sure, but can be useful to web surfers (helps remember passwords) and web marketers alike.

A common way to pay for search engine and other types of online advertising, CPC means you pay a pre-determined amount each time someone clicks on your advertisement to visit your site. You usually set a budget of what you’re willing to pay per click for each search term, and the amount you pay will be equal or less to that amount, depending on the particular search engine and your competitors’ bids. Also referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC) or Paid Search Marketing.

Component of a search engine that gathers listings by automatically “crawling” the Web. A search engine’s crawler (also known as a Spider or robot) follows links to Web Pages. It makes copies of those pages and stores them in a search engine’s index.

Software solutions that help businesses manage customer relationships in an organized way. An example of a CRM would be a database containing detailed customer information that management and salespeople can use to match customers with offers.

In PPC advertising, an average daily budget is set for each campaign. You choose the daily budget based on your goals and how much you would like to spend.

How companies attract and retain customers through search marketing. The six stages of the digital marketing funnel are: Awareness- this is done through SEO and Ads Discovery- When a potential customer clicks through your site to learn more about you and your services Consideration- Potential customer considers purchasing your product Conversion- Potential customer completes an actionable item on your site (calling you or completing a form) turning them into an actual lead Customer Relationship- Manage good relationships with your customer base through engagement, communication, and customer service Retention- Creating value for customers that they do not receive from competitors is crucial.

Sort of like a search engine where business listings are gathered through submissions and/or information pulled from data aggregators. Directories can be used to strengthen local SEO.

A score ranging from 0 – 100 that forecasts how a website will rank on search engines.

A website’s main address. Blue Nerds’ domain is

Another synonym for digital marketing. Marketing tactics like SEO, PPC, retargeting, social advertising, etc. are deployed using web based technology to generate leads or e-commerce revenue.

In PPC, this is the most specific of the match types. With exact match your ad will only show if the search term contains your keywords exactly as they are written.

A way to test websites for usability or any other purpose. Blue Nerds uses eyetracking software to monitor and record where the eyes of users actually move on screen.

Serving ads to prior visitors of your website while those visitors are on Facebook.

A place on the internet where people with common interests gather to find information and discuss topics.

A real word. Honest. Pity the visitor to Scotland unfamiliar with the practice of dumping slop out their windows in to the streets. You learned it here!

Reaching potential clients by their physical location. The major search engines offer geo-target searches in their Pay-Per-Click campaigns by viewing their IP addresses. Geo-targeting allows Blue Nerds to specify which markets they do and don’t want to reach for their clients.

The world’s largest and most popular search engine. As of 2017 they have 75% market share. Yahoo has 8% and Bing has 7%.

AdWords Editor is a free downloadable application for managing AdWords advertising campaigns.

A unique phone number that replaces the companies standard number on their landing page.

A free business listing in Google Maps that help businesses show up when people do a local search.

Google wants to serve the most relevant search results to satisfy their users. In part, this includes looking at the length of content for a target keyword. Before Panda, sites with a low amount of content could compete against sites with lengthier and, better content. Panda also looks at duplicate content. Basically, if two or more pages on a site have the exact or really similar content, Google will devalue these duplicate pages in search rankings. The Panda updates (ongoing) to Google’s algorithm favored sites with more content than those with less content.

Google AdWords offers the most extensive certification process of any of the paid search marketing providers.

To combat websites that participated in questionable link building practices in order to manipulate search engine rankings, Google launched the Penguin update in April 2012. This update affected sites who got backlinks by purchasing them via link networks. Don’t do that!

This pound sign symbol (#) is used on social media (mostly Instagram and Twitter), to group tweets or pictures by category or phrase. The ‘#’ is placed directly in front of the text.

HTML heading and subheading tags are important parts of search engine marketing, as both are usually graphical, thereby unreadable to search engine spiders. HTML - HYPERLINK – Usually blue and underlined, hyperlinks, often called “links”, allow you to navigate to other pages on the Web with a click of your mouse.

The number of times someone views a page displaying your ad. Or, how you look online to your potential customers!

Marketing services and strategies that cause prospective customers to arrive on a website on their own, usually due to engaging content. Examples include SEO, content marketing, blogging, and email marketing. Basically the opposite of traditional advertising tactics that get the attention of prospective customers via paid advertising.

See Backlinks

The stores of information a search engine has which web searchers query against. With crawler-based search engines (like Google), the index is usually copies of all the Web pages they have found from crawling the Web.

A social network for users to create images using a bunch of filters and share with their followers.

The Internet is a global wide area network that connects computer systems across the world. It includes several high-bandwidth data lines that comprise the Internet "backbone." These lines are connected to major Internet hubs that distribute data to other locations, such as web servers and ISPs. Also called the Word Wide Web.

All the ways to reach internet users, including Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Banner advertising. Blue Nerds specializes in these internet marketing services aimed exclusively at the blue-collar home services sector.

JavaScript is a software programming language.

JERK (The)
A great movie starring Steve Martin.

Interchangeable with Search Term, keywords are words or a group of words that a person uses when looking in a Search Engine. Keywords also refer to the terms you bid on through search engine marketing in trying to attract visitors to your website. Search Engine Optimization uses keywords in your website copy and Meta Tags.

A metric commonly used in search engine optimization that determines how much on-page targeting and offsite link building will be required to rank for phrase.

The first page a person sees when coming to your website from an advertisement. This page can be any page on your website including your home page.

Obtaining hyperlinks (links or backlinks) from one website back to your own. Link building is critical to successful SEO. Modern link building strategies must be strictly white hat: earning relevant links from high authority sites will help your site rankings.

Not to be confused with carrot or beet juice (Yuck!). It’s a SEO term referring to the equity passed to a site via links (either internal or external). High authority, high traffic sites have more link juice. Basically, the more link juice your site has, the better the search engines will view it.

How many websites link to yours, how popular those linking sites are, and how much their content relates to yours. Link popularity is an important part of Search Engine Optimization, which also values the sites that you link out to.

The major search engines enable local business listings that appear next to maps at the top of the page on most locally targeted searches. A business can either submit new requests or claim existing local business listings if the search engines have already added the company to the results. Believe it or now, having a website is not required for having a local business listing.

A large and rapidly growing portion of search engine marketing. Local search allows web users to find your website within a specific geographic range. Optimizing for local search requires different practices than for traditional Search Engine Optimization.

Instead of going after the most common keywords in your home services industry, you can focus on more niche terms that are usually longer phrases but are also easier and quicker to rank for in the search engines. Long tail keywords can amount for up to more than 50% of your site’s search traffic.

Software that combines numerous online marketing strategies like email, social media, CRM and SEO into one platform.

Allow you to highlight important Keywords related to your site in a way that matters to Search Engines, but that your website visitors typically do not see. The value of meta tags is always debated (by nerds), but they still have an important role in Search Engine Optimization.

A small website created for a specific purpose, that functions independently from the primary website of a business. While the microsite is independent, it still has the capacity to generate relevant traffic to a business for sales, lead generation, or referrals to a primary website. Microsites are generally created for events, specialized services, or for content creation on a specific topic.

As cell phone technology speeds forward, you can reach your target audience pretty much anywhere. While mobile marketing is just an extension of online marketing, it provides home services businesses many new opportunities.

In today’s world it is imperative that your site is made uber-useful for people coming to your site from a mobile device. The site display must be able to shrink down to display on a mobile device while still being user-friendly. There are 3 ways to make your website mobile-friendly – Responsive Web Design, Dynamic Serving and Separate URLs. We won’t bore you with all the nerdy descriptions of these options – just call us!

Also called “organic results”, the non-advertised listings in Search Engines. How high or low your website is ranked depends on many factors, two of the most important being content relevance and Link Popularity.

Us. Not the candy.

A very much over-used term by Nerds like us. What it refers to are all the methods and tactics we use to increase the number of quality visitors to your website.

See Natural Listings.

Links on any Web page leading to another Web page, whether they are within the same site or another website.

PageRank is a value that Google assigns for pages and websites that it indexes, based on all the factors in its algorithm. All independent search engines have their own version of PageRank. A fact that may only interest us Nerds - PageRank was named for Google’s Larry Page!

Listings that search engines sell to advertisers. In contrast, organic (natural) listings are not sold.

Also referred to as Pay Per Click, and sometimes Search Engine Marketing, paid search marketing allows advertisers to pay to be listed within the Search Engine Results Pages for specific keywords or phrases.

The most common type of digital advertising cost structures is PPC marketing. Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and many more search engines use PPC. Also used for social media advertising platforms like Facebook.

In PPC, this match type is more specific than broad, but not as specific as exact. This bid type allows your ads to show for phrases that exactly contain your keywords or are close variations.

A numerical score AdWords assigns to various account components (e.g. campaigns, ads), but only shows to account holders for keywords. Quality Score shows on a 1-10 scale. Google doesn’t provide its formula, but the three main components are: ad quality (basically judged by historical click through rate); ad relevance; and landing page experience. For the most part, the higher your Quality Score, the higher your ads appear and the better your cost.

Query is another term for “keyword” or “search term.” Within Google AdWords, search query reports show the actual terms that searchers used to click on your ads, as opposed to the advertised keyword that is in your account.

How well your Web page or website is listed in the Search Engine’s Results. For example, a Web page about ‘carpet cleaning’ may be listed in response to a user who types in “muddy carpet.” However, “rank” indicates where exactly it was listed – be it on the first page of results, the second page or the 100th page (aka ‘invisible’). Also known as position.

Remarketing is Google AdWords’s term for retargeting.

Also referred to as a Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Aka cyberstalking. Someone comes to your website and has a cookie placed on their browser. Then as they go hopping around other sites, your ad appears in front of them, as a banner or other type of display ad, on whatever sites they visit.

Are your web marketing investments generating profits, and how much profit given the money you have had to pay. Blue Nerds always looks at ROI for our clients!

All forms of marketing involving search engines – namely Search Engine Optimization and Paid Search Marketing.

A nerdy way of saying “making your site search engine friendly”. Search engine optimization is difficult to do on your own because of how complex the different search engines have become. Two important factors that rank highly in all major search engines are Link Popularity (how many websites – and how highly ranked those sites are – link to you) and relevant content (how relevant information on your website is to the person’s search).

Are the Web pages displayed by any Search Engine for any given search. They display both Organic (natural) Listings and Pay-Per-Click ads. How high you are listed and where your ad is shown depends on Search Engine Optimization; and paid Search Engine Marketing respectively.

Search engines are places people go to search for things on the internet, such as Yahoo!, Google, or bing. Most search engines provide websites two ways of appearing: Natural (free) and Paid. Natural Listings, widely known as organic listings, appear based on the search engines’ formula. You can’t pay to have your site listed higher, but you can perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Paid Listings usually appear above Organic (Natural) listings and are identifiable as advertisements. The most common cost for advertising on Paid listings through Paid Search is Pay per Click (PPC).

A search term is a word or group of words that a person types into a Search Engine to find what they are looking for. Knowing which search terms to put into a home services website and to advertise on is what Blue Nerds lives and breathes!

Acronym for search engine marketing - either Paid Search, Search Engine Optimization, or both.

Acronym for Search Engine Optimization.

A type of online media where information is uploaded primarily through user submission. Many different forms of social media exist including Blogs, Wikis, podcasts, Social Networking, image and video sharing, and virtual reality.

An online marketing mix that uses the different strategies available through social networking sites to promote a product or service. Social media marketing combines traditional online advertising elements and the creation of “shareworthy” content that users of social media will promote. A highly effective strategy for home services companies with recurring services like cleaning to drive brand awareness with highly targeted audiences.

A type of Social Media, Social networking websites allow users to interact and create or change content on the site (e.g. Facebook).

A noun, a verb, and sometimes, a terrifying creature. For online marketing purposes, it refers to how Search Engines crawl through all the linked pages of a website to gather information to include the site in their Organic (natural) Listings and also use to determine their ranking on various Search Terms.

How often people return to a website. Constant updates, news feeds, and exclusive content are all ways to make a site stickier. Very important for home services businesses that offer recurring services.

Crafting online marketing campaigns to attract certain specific groups of prospective clients. Examples of Targeting include women, gun owners, and behavioral targeting takes that a step further to include technique used by companies like Blue Nerds to increase the effectiveness of our clients’ campaigns through information collected on an individual's Web-browsing behavior, such as the pages they have visited or the searches they have made, to select which advertisements to display to them. Boy, can we ever dial in on people looking for your home services!

An online advertisement that contains only written copy. Paid listings found on the results pages of the main Search Engines are currently Text Ads, although this is starting to change. Soon you should expect to see video ads pop up.

Uniform Resource Locator. These are the letters and symbols that make up the address of specific Web pages. Like

How easy it is for a user to navigate a website and find the information they’re looking for.

A type of online marketing that makes content and advertisements so interesting that viewers will pass them along to others free of charge to the advertiser. Powerful stuff for home services pros!

The program you use to access the internet. Common browsers include Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), Google’s Chrome, Apple’s Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.

Used to describe certain Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods, being “white hat” means using only SEO techniques that are completely above board and accepted by the Search Engines. Doing the opposite (Black Hat) will lead to your website seeing its rankings drop drastically – or being banned altogether. Blue Nerds only uses White Hat techniques.

WordPress is an extremely popular Content Management System. Developed originally for blogs, WordPress offers a great degree of flexibility and functionality. This Blue Nerds website are examples of WordPress sites.

X-Ray Vision
Superman. Cool.

Extensible Markup Language. Never mind.

Yandex is the fastest growing search engine in the world, serving primarily Russia and other countries formerly part of the Soviet Union. They do also offer a Google AdWords-like paid search program: Yandex Direct. Blue Nerds doesn’t serve Russia, so…..who cares?

How Canadians say the last word of the English alphabet. Funny.